Friday, 27 May 2011

Insect designs

Nearly forgot to post these, they are the designs for the ant and the stag beetle, i haven't designed the mantis or the cricket yet, because i'm not sure how the hell i'm going to make them after the ant turned out to be much harder to make than previously thought, but i'll figure it out soon. And the caterpillar should be simple enough to not need a design, i can just get on with it when i get the materials. I also included the research photo of the stag beetle i worked from.

Stag Beetle-Finished

Finished my stag beetle, actually very pleased with it, it looks exactly as i planned, although there is one issue i noticed after i had solidified it in the oven and that is that the mandibles don't move, which severely limits it's movements, but making the mandibles movable would have made the model look a bit rubbish because of the altered head shape it would have required. Still, minor oversight on my part.

Stag Beetle-Start

Started making the stag beetle, had to make some last minute design changes, as i have run out of aluminium wire and have to make do with armature wire, which is much more flexible, but definitely will not support the beetles weight. So i will only film the beetle from a bird's eye perspective so no-one will notice that it isn't actually standing.

Ant Model-Finished

I think i've managed it, although it doesn't look as good as i wanted it to, and it's back end has started to fall off, but it should be fine...

Ant Model-start

Turns out that making an ant out of fimo and aluminium wire is surprisingly difficult, the legs seem very rickety and move around a lot, but the heat shrink should hold them in place, and the wire is definitely strong enough to support it's weight.

WSS End Credit sequence

Recommended by Osbert Parker as research, I like the way the names have been presented as graffiti on the wall, i will probably animate the insect models to create the names on the walls and floor in a similar style, but with more insecty action...