Friday, 16 December 2011

BAA Sheep

Made the first of four sheep, i totally winged it on the head, never made a sheep head before, it was weird, too used to making people, so the next 3 will probably look much better as i try to improve my method for making little sheep heads. The wool also comes off when i touch it, as it is made out of a bag of 30p cotton balls from Tesco and glued on with PVA, this may be a problem, of course i could just stop touching the sheep for no reason.

BAA Farmer - Body

Made the armature body for the farmer, as he will be in a hospital bed, surrounded by sheep, he doesn't have any legs, so i'll just put something under his duvet to give the masterful illusion of wee plasticine legs. I covered the balsa in plaster tape to help the plasticine stick to it. And the half finished farmer looks creepy as hell.

BAA Farmer - hands

Made one of the hands for the BAA farmer, not sure why, but i've decided to make them quite detailed and with 5 fingers which I've never done before, and as a result they take a really bloody long time to make. I haven't made the other one yet, but I'm waiting until the body is finished, just in case I've made the first hand disproportionately huge. I don't think i have, but who knows?.

BAA Sheep - Armatures

Started making sheep armatures, the sheep aren't actually going to move enough to need armatures, but i need to get the construction practice in for my next film, as i am going to need about seven armatures for it, and have never made an armature out of balsa wood before. I said the word "armatures' way too many times in that sentence, didn't I? Anyway, i have 4 of them now.