Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dogs, dogs, more dogs (and a goat.)

I recently realised that I make way too many people, so I decided to try something different for a change and make some dogs. And a goat.

 A dachshund. He shall henceforth be known as... Longdog. Or something like that.

 A Bulldog. He keeps giving me the eye, so until he stops I adamantly refuse to name him. So there.

 A Chihuahua. I hate chihuahuas in real life, but this one doesn't yap all the time or live in a handbag. I shall name him Lieutenant P. Quivers.
 And while we're on dogs, might as well post this one again. He still doesn't have a name, but I no longer have the puppet, so I don't care 'sniff'.
And a goat. This goat is actually supposed to be the 'accessory' for another puppet I'm currently working on, but I haven't finished it yet. So this goat will inevitably make another appearance in the near future, lets just say he looks angry for a reason...

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Super Hippy Fun Time!

A Magic Hippy and his companion, a retarded sunflower. That is all.

 I lied, there's more...

 Lots more.


I'll just leave these here...

I have taken it upon myself to ruin my childhood through the magic of plasticine. Well we all need a hobby...

Showreel 2012

My 2012 showreel, well one of them, the others are rubbish and mostly experimental, they shall never see the light of day. The song choice isn't so much that the song suits the animation (I'm not even sure if it does, and besides I've been told people usually watch these things with the sound off) the song just happens to be exactly 3 minutes long, the ideal length for a showreel.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Final Project - Production shots

 Paddy's arrest shoot in progress

 I ended up with about 6 of these piles of multi-cultural eyelids, each character had 4 separate sets of lids.

 At this point you may be able to tell that the majority of the sets are temporarily built over the speakeasy one.
 The X-ray, which is backlight with an LED torch.

 The narrator's hospital room, with the light shining through the blind
 The same set but at night, with a filtered LED light above the narrator.

Using a cocktail stick to manipulate the puppet's eyes by sticking it into a hole in the pupil and swiveling it around.

Final Project - Props

 The bust wasn't originally created for the film, but i liked it so I put it in Sal's office
 The electric chair that Paddy is executed in.
 Various 1920s weapons that will be used by certain characters, the tommy gun belongs to Midnight Dave, the revolver belongs to Agent Friel, the Mauser belongs to Giovanni and the colt belongs to the narrator. The knife broke and then I lost the handle, so it won't be in the film.
 The 'moonshine' bottles are just party poppers with stickers on them
 These barrels are mini coke cans covered in plasticine, I left the cans full to keep them weighty so they wouldn't be moved around accidentally during filming.
The liquor bottles are food colouring bottles with different labels, the 'gin' is glycerol, the whiskey is Pepsi and the rum is Jack Daniels for some reason.

 One half of a distillery I made for the speakeasy, This is just a bottle painted black, then bronze to make it stand out
The other half of the distillery, on the bar with a tube connecting it to the tank. It is (obviously) a coke can also painted black and bronze.

Final Project - Test shots

Here are several test shots from various stages of the film.
 The Narrator and Dave observe a dead body. (The body is actually the nurse, I didn't include her in the film because the scenes with the narrator mostly take place at night, and it didn't make any sense to have her at his bedside at 3 in the morning, so she has a cameo role as a corpse instead.)

 Paddy having a drink at the bar.
Gio reading the newspaper.