Friday, 27 January 2012


I got me a bottle of glycerol to make the sheep's tears!, i've been looking for this stuff for bloody ages, i finally found it in Boots for 89p.

BAA Nurse - Finished

The nurse is now completely finished, her feet worked out quite well, she is held down very securely by the magnetic tiedown. Also gave her some props, a clipboard with then farmer's patient information on it, and a wee pencil.

BAA Nurse Feet

The nurses feet have little metal strips on the bottom, so she can stand using the magnetic tiedown. Will have to secure them to the legs quite tightly, so she won't snap in half.


Nearly finished the hospital set, all i need is a floor, the bed and a few props. Also did some lighting tests with the window, the blind gives the shading a good dramatic effect.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

BAA Nurse - Head and body finished

The nurse's head and body are now finished, unfortunately, her heads balsa core was a little too wide at the base, so she has quite a wide jaw and looks a bit like a man in drag, however, her bodies balsa core was also a little too big, so now she just looks fat, and her head and body match.

BAA Nurse Armature

Head and armature for the nurse are finished, I used a lot of balsa wood, so she will be very light and easier to handle and animate. Her head will also be light, so she shouldn't be too top heavy, i may have to give her a big fat arse to balance her out a bit, but i probably won't film her from behind, so this won't be too noticable.

BAA Farmer - Finished

Finished the puppet for the BAA farmer, I deliberately made his hands massive, as his main forms of communication will be through hand movements and facial expressions. His arms are set quite loose in their slots, as this allows pivotal movement, otherwise his arms would be locked at the shoulders, and that wouldn't be very good at all, and would heavily restrict his body movements to just his head and forearms.
I put him in a set of long-johns, as i figured this is what a farmer would wear in bed, it also makes him look a bit older and bedraggled, and helps to make him appear a bit more pathetic.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

BAA - More Sheep

Finished all of my sheep, decided to make them all look sad, except the first one, i think i'm going to have to make him the stupid one.
Their armatures are quite stiff, so their actions will have to be limited to head movements and facial expressions. 

This sheep, which i intend to be my 'main sheep' is a combination of a sheep (obviously) and Courage the cowardly dog, i like the end result.