Friday, 8 June 2012

Final Project - Props

 The bust wasn't originally created for the film, but i liked it so I put it in Sal's office
 The electric chair that Paddy is executed in.
 Various 1920s weapons that will be used by certain characters, the tommy gun belongs to Midnight Dave, the revolver belongs to Agent Friel, the Mauser belongs to Giovanni and the colt belongs to the narrator. The knife broke and then I lost the handle, so it won't be in the film.
 The 'moonshine' bottles are just party poppers with stickers on them
 These barrels are mini coke cans covered in plasticine, I left the cans full to keep them weighty so they wouldn't be moved around accidentally during filming.
The liquor bottles are food colouring bottles with different labels, the 'gin' is glycerol, the whiskey is Pepsi and the rum is Jack Daniels for some reason.

 One half of a distillery I made for the speakeasy, This is just a bottle painted black, then bronze to make it stand out
The other half of the distillery, on the bar with a tube connecting it to the tank. It is (obviously) a coke can also painted black and bronze.

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