Thursday, 7 June 2012

Final Project - Sets

The film will have 10 sets:
1. The hospital, where the elderly narrator lies in his bed.
2. The speakeasy, where the majority of the film is set.
3. The child narrator's house, where his parents die.
4. Frank's alley, where Frank the Tramp stands with his burn barrel.
5. Chicago alley, where the Narrator and Dave steal and move barrels of booze.
6. Agent Friel's office, where he surveys his suspect board.
7. Sal's office, where Sal makes the narrator an offer he can (and does) refuse.
8. The padded cell, where Giovanni ends up.
9. The room where Paddy is executed by electric chair.
10. The hospital X-ray room where Dr. Rothstein delivers the bad news.

Most of these sets are made out of foam board, and the rest are made out of either plasterboard or MDF.

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