Thursday, 7 June 2012

Final Project - Puppet - Agent Friel

Agent Paul Friel is the prohibition agent who relentlessly hunts the narrator and his associates throughout the film. His puppet is probably the most detailed out of all of them, which is good, seeing as it took 2 weeks to make. He also originally had a completely different head, but I absolutely hated it and remade it. He is also the only puppet who's body was made before the head, something that i normally never do.
 His armature's bottom half was salvaged from an old aluminium armature that had just about survived, apart from the top half, which was knackered, so I replaced it with balsa.

 His first head looked like a creepy, camp Walt Disney paedophile...
 So I started again.

 His final head looks like the spastic love child of Mitt Romney and Christopher Walken. This is not intentional, it just happened.

 Friel in his office, observing his 'suspect board'.
 He is based on Elliot Ness, the leader of the Untouchables, a group of prohibition agents who made it thier personal goal to take down Al Capone. Well actually he is based on Robert Stack, who played Ness in the 1959 T.V series 'The Untouchables'. His name is a combination of 2 original members of the untouchables, Tom Friel and Paul W. Robsky.
 His body splits into 3 seperate pieces, which is handy, as his puppet is quite heavy.

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