Thursday, 7 June 2012

Final Project - Puppet - Policeman

The policeman doesn't really do anything, he doesn't even have hands, he basically only exists to stand around and give context to certain scenes (he only appears in 2). Technically he isn't even a puppet, as he can't move, more of a sculpture.
 His hands are perpetually behind his back to disguise the fact that he doesn't have any hands.

 His legs are just bits of balsa, no wire, so they don't bend. They don't need to anyway.

 Shiny shoes.
The colour of his uniform actually took 3 days to make, it wasn't as simple as I though it would be, I spent bloody ages mixing about 13 completely different colours to get the right shade of dark blue. As a result of the experimental nature of the colour, I didn't make that much of it in case it went tits up and I lost a load of decent plasticine, so the back of the puppet is bare balsa.
 I looked at old crime scene photos to see what 1920's American police uniforms looked like.
 Creepy pig lady aside, this was the basis for the puppet.

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