Thursday, 7 June 2012

Final Project - Puppet - Frank

Frank is a Massive dirty tramp who sells information on police activities to the narrator, He is a crazy old civil war veteran who no-one takes seriously, except the narrator, who uses his information to successfully avoid the filth.
His puppet originally had a different body, but then I came up with the idea of making him a civil war veteran, and remade his body with a confederate army jacket, it helps with the crazy.

 At this stage he looks a wee bit like Sean Connery...
 I went with the handlebar mustache because it made him seem more 'American'

 This was his original body, but I ended up repurposing it for the narrator's father.
 His new body, with the confederate army jacket (he had to be on the losing side, it makes more sense). Since the American civil war lasted from 1861-65, it makes Frank quite old, even if he was only 16 or so during the war, the film is set in 1920 and 1927, with Frank appearing in both time frames, this would make him at least 82 by the film's end. I think he can pass for 82.

Frank is first shown standing in front of a burn barrel, which is a tin can with holes drilled in and a tea light placed inside, this creates a good flickering effect and the flame itself is not visible. The flame also has an interesting effect on Frank's eyes, as he has very large brown pupils, they reflect the light and appear to glow (not seen in this picture), giving him a fittingly creepy look.
This was the image that gave me the idea of turning Frank into a confederate loon, I did think about giving him the hat as well, but I liked his hair too much to cover it.

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