Monday, 4 June 2012

Final Project - Puppet - Vincenzo

Vincenzo is Sal's right hand man. He acts as a link between the Narrator and Sal, and is also the gunman who kills everyone at he end on Sal's orders, only to be shot in the face by an injured narrator.
His head, like Dave and Henri's, was made months before the body, and was sculpted while I was still experimenting with my model-making technique.

 Some of his facial features are modeled after John Dillinger, the infamous 1930s bank robber and 'public enemy'. This was because during the early development of the story it was going to stretch from the 1920s through to the 1930s and the great depression, with the narrator becoming a bank robber to make ends meet after the bootlegging went awry. But this would have tripled the length of the film, and is probably an entire film in itself.

 I glossed the crap out of his hair to give him a 'greasy' look. This was the first of many things I glossed. I like glossing things.

 I studied Italian suits to make his costume, but I ran out of plasticine when I was sculpting it, so he is very flat and can't be filmed from the side.
 He and Sal both share the same set of hands, as neither of them get much screen time and both have the same skin colour this seemed an appropriate time saver.

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