Friday, 8 June 2012

Final Project - Sets - The Speakeasy

The Speakeasy is the primary set and receives the most screen time (about 2 thirds of the film is set here) and is where the narrator works, along with Dave, Paddy, Giovanni and Henri. It is also the largest set, with 3 walls, (the main one, the bar side and the door side) one of which will have to be removed to allow camera access to film certain scenes.
 The 'wooden' panels that will decorate the bottom half of the wall.

 3 walls, 2 of which are unfinished.
 The legs of the bar. It also has 2 balsa legs in the middle to help stabilize it.
 The floor is made of foam board, and has grooves carved into it to give it a wooden board effect.
 The set with the floor removed, revealing the perforated metal for the magnetic tie down.
 Henri surveys the room
 The shelf that will have the booze on it, it is behind the bar and Henri will stand in front of it most of the time. This is the wall that will be removed to allow access to a bar shot.

 What the bar will look like in the film.
 The main characters at the bar.

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