Monday, 4 April 2011


Due to a very stupid and easily avoidable oversight on my part, the skull for the fat pants character doesn't fit on the armature without the him having a stupidly long neck, due to me measuring it on the other armature, i haven't got any fimo left, cant afford any more, and haven't got enough time to redesign the head. I am a dick, should have foreseen this happening and will now have to make the head without a skull, which may cause problems. He doesn't talk though, so there is no real need for replacement jaws, i can just regularly adapt his entire face, and re-sculpt his mouth as i shoot, but his eyes will be harder to animate. Lets see what happens...
Also his eyes are pink because i over cooked them by two minutes. Everything is going wrong, but to be honest i secretly enjoy having to fix my own mistakes. I have no idea why.

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