Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fat Pants complete

After 15 hours, I have finally finished the fat bloke, i fixed the problem of his legs looking too long by giving him leg warmers, it makes him look a bit more stumpy, and a bit like an 80s paedophile, but this may work in my favor as i now have to alter the animation because the puppet weighs way too much to be animated doing a dance, which is a shame because i was really looking forward to doing that, but the truth is, if i animated him dancing it would look really clunky, as he would be constantly weighed down by his own mass, a bit like a real fatty, so i should at least get points for realism.
Anyway, my new idea that revolves around the "wish you were here" format basically has him standing in a room being a dirty sod and seductively touching himself up, as a sort of twisted homage to Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, with the caption "wish you were here?, really?" appearing afterwards. In terms of an E-card, it could be for a jilted lover who feels 'unfairly dismissed' by their partner, and is incredulously appalled that they're now banging a fatty instead of them, with over 72 million people in America alone classed as obese (yeah, i looked it up) this scenario must apply to at least a few people globally.

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