Friday, 8 April 2011

Mexican - story change

I've decided at the very last minute to completely change the story, i'm doing away with the wife idea, because to be honest i liked the idea much more than the prospect of filming it, and i didn't trust myself to do it properly without making it look crap (like i feel i did with Fat Pants...) So my new idea still revolves around the mexican and a cactus, but it will be far more surreal, i'll do a very quick storyboard for the new bits, and i plan to do a lot of experimental lighting with gels and that. In terms of the 'Wish you were here' format, it doesn't work as well as the previous plan, but it will be to do with the mexican man's isolation in the desert making him hallucinate, he craves real companionship so much that he is imagining that inanimate objects are alive and friendly towards him, but this backfires when they try to kill him...

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