Friday, 27 April 2012

Final Project - Cast List

OK, so I think i mentioned that this film was going to serve as a modelmaking portfolio, and would have a large cast, well it does. 16 characters, with 19 puppets total, some characters having more than one body and others sharing similar bodies. As of writing this, the cast list is pretty much set, with no changes planned, and all but 3 of the puppets are complete. The names are subject to change.
1) Narrator - Unnamed, he has 4 puppets, one as a child, two as an adult (one in standard scruffy 1920's clothes and one in a sharp suit) and one as an old man, dying in a hospital bed.

2) Narrator's mother - She will appear briefly at the beginning and is a prostitute.

3) Narrator's father - He will also appear briefly at the beginning and is an irish immigrant.

4) Nurse - The same puppet from the BAA sting, she will be in a few of the hospital scenes (and has new arm armatures, as the old ones were crap).

5) Doctor Rothstein - He will also appear in the hospital scenes, and is the one who informs the Narrator of his ill-health.

6) A dog.

7) Sal - A gangster whose appearance resembles Al Capone's, he will lend the Narrator money at some point. He is very untrustworthy.

8) Paddy - An Irish immigrant and bootlegger, befriends the Narrator.

9) Giovanni - An Italian-American criminal entrepreneur, speakeasy owner and mentor and employer to the Narrator (he has two puppet bodies, one normal and one in a straight jacket as he is institutionalized at some point.)

10) Frank - An eccentric, elderly, homeless civil war veteran, he serves as an informant to the Narrator.

11) Midnight Dave - Another bootlegger and friend of the Narrator.

12) Henri - A French immigrant and bartender at the speakeasy.

13) Vincenzo - A Sicilian immigrant, associate of Sal and frequent patron at the speakeasy. He introduces the Narrator to Sal

14) Mae, a frequent patron at the speakeasy, and the subject of the Narrator's affections.

15) Agent Friel - A prohibition enforcer who ruthlessly pursues the Narrator and his associates. He is the primary antagonist.

16) Policeman - basically just a random policeman who will be used to give context in certain scenes.

I know I haven't gone into any explicit detail on the individual characters, but that's on the way.

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