Sunday, 15 April 2012

Final Project-Revised story, and more research

After researching the living crap out of 1920's America, and the effect the prohibition had on the development of organized crime, i have decided to set my film in Chicago, although I probably won't make any direct reference to this, just imply it. The main character of the film will begin as an old man, dying in a hospital bed (the same bed from the BAA film, just altered slightly to keep it fresh,) and the whole story will be told through flashbacks, that will be narrated by this old guy as he reflects upon his own past, eventually culminating in him dying in his sleep. The hospital scenes will basically be a framing device for the whole story, and the narration will allow me to avoid lip synching, as that would triple the production time and drive me insane.

The general way the story will be told is inspired by Adam Elliot's 2003 Oscar winning stop motion film Harvie Krumpet, which is narrated all the way through, with none of the characters actually saying anything (although they do make noises, usually just incoherent gibbering) . The amazing thing about this film is that the animation is relatively simplistic, the characters don't really move all that much, they spend most of the time fixed on one spot, and their actions are quirky and twitchy, which is very effective and gives the film a unique, almost childlike charm. I plan to use a similar method, but instead the characters movement will be more subtle and less cartoony. I also quite like the idea of following an individual through the course of his life, from beginning to end.
If you have the time you should watch Harvie Krumpet, it is 22 minutes long, but it's proper good like.

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