Sunday, 15 April 2012

Final Project

Right then, it's about time I started writing on this thing again, I have a lot of posts to do, (so this is all going to be in past tense for a while) as i have been working on this project for around 7 months now, and pretty much all of my notes, research, designs ect. are written on paper in mad chicken scratch writing that no-one but me can read, so I am finally copying it all up onto this blog before i lose it, or mistake it for rubbish and throw it away.
When thinking up ideas for what the film will be about, my first thought were the aesthetic considerations, I basically wanted to make a film with characters that i would enjoy making, and develop the rest around that, the films primary goal is to serve as a modelmaking portfolio, so it will have quite a large cast. So i came up with four different types of character genres I fancied having a go at making, they were Cowboys, Pirates, Victorians and Gangsters. I've already done Cowboys before, so that one was out, and Aardman seemed to have Pirates pretty much covered. So I had to choose between Victorians and Gangsters, initially i went with Victorians, and came up with a plot involving a sort of spoof Jack the Ripper and the policeman hunting him, but the more i thought about this idea, the less i actually wanted to do it, so... Gangsters.
Well bootleggers actually, i diverted my original concept of a mafia-esq group of characters to a 1920s setting, using the American prohibition as my initial starting point.

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