Thursday, 2 February 2012

BAA - Finished

All done!, heres the final product. There are a few things about it i don't quite like, but had to compromise due to the 25 second specification, for example, i would like to have had the patient chart and the farmer's reaction shot held for longer, but this would have extended the length to over 25 seconds. The sound is also very quiet, but I care more about the animation than that. I used Mozart's Requiem for the music, or at least 25 seconds of it, no particular reason for that, but i think it works, particularly towards the end of the film.
The animation went better than expected, considering that i made the armatures myself, i wasn't sure quite how it would work out, it was a bit of an experiment really, but now i know that the armatures work well, i will make more in the future. They're not as good as the ball and socket ones, but i only have 2 of those and they cost a hell of a lot more.
I'm very happy with the lighting, at least for the first part, i think that the lighting change when the nurse comes in was a bit lurid, but it was necessary for the story.
Animating with glycerol was great, i animated it a bit too fast, but it's not really easy to control once it starts dripping, it did the trick though, and is now all over the set.
I also spent about 30 hours making that bloody nurse, and she's only in the film for the best part of 5 seconds, it was worth it though, and I'm definitely going to have to re-use her at some point in a future animation, along with the bed. (Oh, and i know that the Youtube video is 26 seconds long, the animation is actually 25 seconds long, the final shot of the logo got extended by about 0.2 seconds when i uploaded it for some reason.)

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