Sunday, 7 July 2013


I wanted to work a bit more on heads, and was nearly out of armature wire, so I made a couple of Busts instead of full body puppets, although both of these are just made out of plasticine so are technically sculptures rather than puppets... Still I had fun.
 This gentleman looks a bit like a less stylised version of Thurgood Stubbs from 'The PJs' (why the hell doesn't anyone make stuff like that anymore...) and according to the name of the file, this is 'black man No. 6', where the other 5 are I do not know...
This is your typical smarmy aviator type who's probably called 'Walter' or 'Billings' or something, looking at it now, his tache' is just.... And his shoulders are far too square.
And his goggles are naff.

And his eyes should be brown, not blue.

To go with the jacket...

Just saying.

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