Sunday, 7 July 2013

More Puppets

Here are some random puppets I made for no particular reason, I have no intention of animating them any time soon, so I have made them more 'pretty' than functional.
 A teenage zombie, complete with greasy face, pimples and braces. Theres probably room for an excessive masturbation joke in here somewhere, but...... No.
 A circus ringmaster, I was a lot more pleased with this right after I had finished it than I am now, I should have made his whole body skinnier, his hands are just awful and what the hell did I do to his arms?
 I'm happy with his hat mind, all taken into account for next time.
I said the goat would return, and well... lets not beat around the bush here, this man has sex with goats. There I said it, am I proud of myself?....

Yes. Absolutely.

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