Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A+C Sculpts

Been doing some sculpting at trade shows in London for A+C, it mostly involved making pretty things as quick as possible to attract people to the stall over the course of a few days, making quick, speedy sculpts in a fairly hectic environment was surprisingly relaxing, I have no idea why. These puppets have no armatures, and are mostly held together with cocktail sticks, so I didn't have time to refine them, it was basically make one, done, move on, make another, done, move on, not my usual method of working, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
These little buggers were made at a show at Earl's Court. Don't ask about the weird little green and white thing in the bottom left, it was made by some random bloke on the next stall when we weren't around and I couldn't bring myself to destroy it. The bright orange carpet was a particular delight, if you look at it for more than five minutes you go blind.

 These were done at a show at the London Excel Centre, which is probably the biggest building I've ever been in, and bugger me the sandwiches were expensive. the model with the moustache in the middle (you can say it... the crap one) was the first I made and was done in about 20 minutes, after that I started spending a bit more time on each one to make them look better.
 Some fat bloke in a Man U shirt, it has Rooney on the back because who else?
Apparently this is Joey Essex, who was relevant at the time because he was on that god awful celebrity jungle TV shite. So after googling him and being astounded that he is actually a real person and not a parody character I got to work immortalising the insufferable dunce in plasticine.

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