Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Fabulous Cactus

 Yes, this is the most fabulous cactus you will ever see. He has a large styrofoam core and a small armature for his arms, they won't move, but it keeps them from falling off. His spines are from one of those fancy hairbrushes that I took apart, they work perfectly as they aren't sharp and they're slightly flexible. I covered him all round even though you won't ever see the back to make him seem more complete. I will be doing a small lip sync test with him so he has several different mouth pieces and a detachable moustache.
This is a fabulous cactus circa 2011, he's a bit more anthropomorphic with hands and accessories and was repurposed from a cactus prop from a student animation I did a few years ago that's probably on this blog somewhere if you can be arsed to go back that far. This puppet has cocktail sticks for spines which were extremely stabby so I was eager to avoid that this time round. He also had no styrofoam core so was unnecessarily heavy and had no armature so his arms broke off more than once.

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