Tuesday, 3 June 2014

French Duke (and wife)

 This is a French Duke. I turned into a bit of an obsessive perfectionist over this one, I kept going back and tinkering with it, lengthening his arms and legs to make him more proportionate, remaking his feet to give him more stability. I also dropped him on his face like the clumsy twat I am and completely wrote off his nose, but I remade it and made improvements so it worked out in the end.
 He looks purdy with no clothes on.
This is his resplendent aristocratic wife, we'll call her... Jennifer shall we? And yes it is a pig in a decadent french wig, what of it? 
 In retrospect, I probably should have made the pig a little bit bigger, but no matter, I can make this work...
Here's the lovely couple as they will appear in the showreel, again it will be fairly short.

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