Wednesday, 4 June 2014


This scruffy gentleman is one half of the duo that will be racing scalextric cars, he was originally supposed to be a tramp but then I came up with the scalextric idea and decided to make the other puppet...
 This one, the Hippy. I wanted to have another crack at making dreadlocks. I also tried out a new way of making eyes.
 This was the 'first draft' of the character, the body is the same, but the eyes and nose are different, with a bit more detail.
Christ this hippy puppet is old, from about 2005 I think, I know, it's awful, but I was 15, leave me alone.

Here's the Scalextric track, the sloth won't be in the final animation because I don't think he's really necessary to the shot. I also removed the hippy's moustache because I felt it suits him better. The two will be racing the cars, then the hippy will be a right cheating bastard and turns on his car's rocket boosters, knocking the other car off the track and winning. Although I realise that because of the way the track is laid out it's impossible for the green car to lose because it's on the inside track, but having a crossover would complicate the animation unnecessarily and I doubt anyone will notice anyway.

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