Friday, 15 May 2015

Greg the Defiler

This Game of Thrones looking motherfucker is Greg the Defiler. His sword took about 3 days to make as I had to make the first piece out of Milliput, wait hours for it to dry, file it into shape and then sculpt the next piece and so on. I think I might have gone slightly overboard with the filing, because the blade is actually really sharp, you could totally kill someone with it...
 This is the third version of his armour, the other versions were a bit dull or looked off, and I redid his pauldrons (shoulder bits) about 12 times until I got a version I liked. Then it's all painted but not glossed to make it look like metal, so it's more of a sculpture than a puppet because he really can't move.
 I debated giving him a cloak, but I wanted all of the armour visible seeing as I spent 2 bloody hours painting it.
 I wanted his armour to be darker, but that would of sacrificed the metal effect, so amateur photo manipulation is the closest I'll get.
He was very loosely based on this monstrosity from around a decade ago. Masterpiece.

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