Friday, 15 May 2015

Random Faces

These two little bastards are a couple of random sculpts I made to experiment with more exaggerated facial features, they were never intended to have bodies.
 They would make a good pair on a mismatched detective show...
 I also made a pair of hands for another character, but they were far too big, so I gave them to this bloke as they are around the right size, I've considered giving this bloke a body, he looks a bit like Father Ted so I would probably make him into a priest, but then I would have to make some sort of paedophilia alluding prop, and I'm not going to do that.

 This Sikh fella was made so I could try sculpting a turban, it took several attempts, and the final result got squashed slightly before photographing, but it'll do.
I'm gonna tack this on to the end of this post, because it doesn't quite deserve it's own. This is a penguin I made for a housemate for her friends birthday, who is a geologist who fucking loves penguins. That's about it really.

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