Friday, 15 May 2015

The Unlucky Pirate

This sculpt is exactly what it looks like. A pirate being violated by an angry cephalopod. I'm gonna post a lot of pictures of this, as there's not really a single good angle to get a decent shot of all of it.
 This sculpture was quite hard to balance, so I had to use the octopuses tentacles as supports.
 Hopefully I put enough detail on him for people to guess that he's a pirate, I didn't want to go full eye patch, hook and peg leg mode.
 The octopus' head started as a polystyrene egg originally intended for Mr Chuckles' balloon, but it was way too big for that so it just sat on my desk unused for a while, until I noticed the way it was sat on top of some cables looked a bit like an octopus, so naturally that inspired me to make an octopus sexually assaulting a pirate...
 I put quite a lot of unnecessary detail on his body, not realising quite how much of it would be covered by the tentacles...
 The octopus has about 3 layers of gloss on it to make it look extra slimy, and no I didn't cheat, it does have eight tentacles, with suckers and everything, but no beak, you wouldn't be able to see it.
Thought I'd add a random making of shot as I don't usually remember to take these anymore but I did here for some reason.

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