Friday, 15 May 2015

Old Uncle Roscoe

This charming fellow is Old Uncle Roscoe, he was originally going to have an army of ferrets (hence the ferret on the armchair that I forgot to take out of the shot) but after making one, I really didn't want to make 15 more, so I copped out and gave him a Koala. Named Francis. And a drinking problem.
The bottle of Jack is an actual bottle of Jack, one of the little ones used for cocktails, mixers and to calm alcoholics on plane journeys.
The armchair is made out of Styrofoam covered in plasticine.
 I like to think that Roscoe is a struggling single parent, living day to day raising a Koala bear, all whilst finding time to get absolutely shit faced and scream at his own reflection in the mirror.
This is Roscoe MK I, Made months before. I wasn't particularly fond of him though, and had recently rediscovered a new technique for sculpting hair, so completely redid his head.
Roscoe is partly inspired by the cowboy from an old student film that is probably in one of the first posts I ever made on this blog. 

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