Friday, 15 May 2015

Penny and Mr Chuckles

Created for Halloween, Penny and Mr Chuckles roam the land looking for the souls of the damned, Mr Chuckles enjoys long walks in the park, painting watercolours and disembowelling wildlife, and his companion/concubine Penny has seen Hell. Twice. And now they live in my kitchen. 
 The balloon was an unexpected success, its a polystyrene ball covered in a thin layer of plasticine and stuck on a short length of armature wire, it stands on it's own, but only for about 5 minutes at a time.
 Penny is partly inspired by the Little Sisters from the videogame 'Bioshock', but I'm sure they weren't the first to invent creepy little girls with unnatural guardians...
Her hands have both since fallen off and disappeared, so I've renamed her 'Nubs'
Mr Chuckles' body is made out of a type of clay very similar to Van Aken, the American version of Plasticine, I only used it because it was all I could get at the time and I won't be using it again if I can help it, it's much softer and harder to work with and has a very greasy feel, it also melts easily so I don't imagine Mr Chuckles will survive the summer intact...
Heres a throwback clown from 8 or so years ago, and I'm still not sure which one is scarier...

I thought I'd stick this on the end since it's vaguely Halloween themed. Its a cartoony version of the Bunnyman Legend. Even though he's just supposed to be a madman in a bunny costume, I prefer it this way, with a dash of Slenderman thrown it because why the hell not.

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