Friday, 15 May 2015

Jack the Ripper

This one took a while to get right, it's a greyscale puppet of Jack the Ripper, even though no-one knows who the hell he was, or what he looked like, well this is what he looked like. I have spoken.
This puppet is quite large, about 35 cm tall, and I specifically avoided using any colour to make it look all Victoriany (Fuck off spellcheck, that's definitely a real word.)
His cape/coat has since broken off since I forgot to attach the bottom half to his body, but that'll take 5 mins to fix.
 I also created a Victorian style Vignette, which is probably what the Ripper's Tinder profile picture would've looked like.
This was the Ripper MK I, but he looked more like a random Victorian undertaker, I originally wanted to avoid making the classic Ripper coat as it would've been a nightmare to make out of plasticine, but after seeing this alternative I decided to have a crack at it and it was a piece of piss. Or I just got lucky...

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