Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Final Project - Basic Story - PART 3

The Narrator is shown in the speakeasy with Henri, Dave and Mae, they are celebrating their defiance of Sal, foolishly ignoring the implications of pissing off the bootlegging kingpin of Chicago. There is a knock on the speakeasy door, Dave answers and is met with a hail of gunfire, the assailant is not directly shown, but is implied to be Vincenzo. Henri grabs a tommy gun, but is also killed, the narrator is shot, but manages to shoot and kill the hitman, but not before Mae is fatally wounded. As she dies in the narrator's arms, Sal is shown smiling in his office, and Frank is shown cowering as he is approached by Friel.
The narrator is then shown lying against the speakeasy bar, with Henri's corpse slumped over it. He is holding his arm, where he was shot, and has Mae's body lying across his lap. He laments his unfathomably poor choice to snub Sal as footsteps are heard, Friel has arrived, and the Narrator's number is up.
He is then shown in a prison cell, he explains he was blamed for all the murders, even Mae's, as Sal's influence corrupted his trial. The camera zooms in on his face, and crossfades back to him as an old man.
The old narrator deplores his past actions, claiming that even though he did not kill Mae, he feels directly responsible for her death, as he grows weary, he briefly contemplates what might have happened had he accepted Sal's offer. His eyes close slowly as he passes away, the shot fades to black, and the credits roll (which will basically be my name 27 times...)
I am aware that this story does seem very long, and I may have to make alterations to certain scenes, or cut them altogether to save time, and many of the shots will have to be drawn out to accommodate the narration, so I will shoot all of the key scenes first, so should I run out of time, I can salvage the basic plot outline, hopefully I won't have to do this...

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