Thursday, 24 May 2012

Final Project - Puppet Body - Narrator

The body of the narrator is designed to be heavier than the others, it has no balsa wood in it, and the armature is just Fimo and wire, with a Milliput core in the head and a counter weight at the bottom. This is because of the BAA farmer puppet from the BAA sting, which had a lightweight balsa armature which caused the puppet to gradually shift in the bed as I was animating it, so hopefully giving this puppet a bit more weight should prevent this.
The clothes worn by the narrator were originally going to be pyjamas, but this just ended up looking too much like a dress shirt, so I changed them to a hospital gown.

The puppets hands are a bit excessively large, I underestimated how much bigger they would become when the plasticine was added to their armatures, I was planning to make the body larger to accommodate this, but my top priority was to make the puppet the right size for the bed, which I did, so the big hands will have to stay.

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