Sunday, 27 May 2012

Final Project - Puppet - Paddy

Paddy is an irish immigrant who works for Giovanni, and is effectively second in command of the bootlegging operations. For his puppet, I repurposed the puppet of the BAA farmer from the last project and gave him suspenders and a muttonstache, I also re-did his hair and flattened the base of the puppet.
His fate in the film involves him being executed via electric chair, for this scene, I will give him legs (I will use the ones from Giovanni's 'crazy' puppet) and paint stripes to make it look like he is wearing a prison uniform.
 He looks a bit miffed that I stole his legs, he's going to be even more annoyed when he finds out that he doesn't get them back until his death scene...

Paddy as he will appear on set, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself by posting this picture, I still have a lot of other stuff to post that will lead up to the test shots. I feel I should also mention at this point that the majority of the film will be in black and white, only the framing shots in the hospital will be in colour.

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