Sunday, 27 May 2012

Final Project - Puppet - Narrator's Mother

The narrator's mother is a prostitute. A prostitute in an abusive relationship with a violent, drunken irish immigrant, they accidentally had a kid, who was lucky not to be born with syphilis, because she's probably rife with it. Her puppet was partly based on a combination of burlesque dancers that were common in bordellos at the time, and the victims of Jack the ripper (who were killed in 1888, and this portion of the film takes place in 1906, which is close enough.) Finding images of turn of the century hookers was surprisingly difficult, I had to disregard a lot of weird steampunk pornography (apparently people will masturbate to anything these days, including, but not limited to, clockwork genitalia.)
Her armature looks terrible, but it's sturdier than it appears. I will re-use her body for the Mae puppet, replacing the head and putting a dress on it (which throws up some bizarre Oedipal connotations for the narrator) as a result, Mae is the only puppet I haven't made yet, as I need to shoot the parent scene to make the puppet available for redesign.

 I was very tempted to leave her like this, would have been good for a laugh at least.

 I am fully aware that her hands are way too big, I will correct this when I get round to it. Her shoes are made of milliput, and were then painted and glossed, i've never made high heels before, so it was pretty much touch and go, but they are a lot better than I though they would be.
The narrator and his parents, the mother looks happier here than she will in the film.

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