Sunday, 27 May 2012

Final Project - Puppet - Young Narrator

With the puppet of the elderly narrator now complete, I had to use it as a basis for the younger narrator's puppet, the one that will represent his appearance in 1920, and at this point I had already made the child version of the narrator, at around 8 years old, and the narrator's father, so I had to combine these elements to create his 22 year old self.

The young narrator is basically an un-textured version of the old one, no wrinkles, facial hair ect. with a different hairstyle and colour, and a fuller face. Considering there's supposed to be a 56 year difference between the two, I think it's worked out quite well, if anything, the old narrator doesn't look old enough...

The body of the young narrator is in a leather jacket with a fur collar, a common style back then, and a casual scruffy shirt, at this time in the film, he isn't particularly wealthy and has just turned to a life of crime, so I gave him clothes that reflected this.
He also has one of the only two professional ball and socket armatures that I have, considering that he is the main character and this puppet will be in a lot of scenes, this seemed a logical choice.

The final puppet's head is a little too big for his body as a result of me sculpting it alongside the elderly narrator's head, who was specifically designed to be slightly larger than the other puppets. Oops.

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