Thursday, 31 May 2012

Final Project - Puppet - Dave

Midnight Dave is the 'Trigger Man' of the group (He's good at shooting people) and the guy who gets the guns. His name is not a racial slur, it's an affectionate nickname given to him by a group of his peers, and as black people were not treated... very well back then this is my (half arsed) way of addressing it. In the film, Dave and the Narrator are the 'Hatchet Men', basically they do all the killing and the others handle the business.
His puppet, like Henri's, was made a long time ago, with the head being made months before the body. As I developed my new sculpting technique, I went back and re-did his head because I hated his old one.

 His original head was just far too horsey for my tastes.
 So I replaced his nose, fattened him up and ripped his bottom jaw off. As you do...

 He is one of only 4 characters to have teeth, although he is probably the only one who doesn't need them.
At one point I was going to have him holding a snake, the only reason for this is that I wanted to animate a snake slithering through his hands, but as my research developed the film became less comedic (it was originally going to be very 'silly') and more realistic, so the snake seemed pointless and a bit weird (I have since replaced the snake with a tommy gun). The film will still have comedic elements in it, but they'll be hidden and you'll have to look for them.
His body (and him is general) is actually based on Frozone from the Incredibles for some reason, I really have no idea why, he just is. Accept it and move on. I have.

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