Sunday, 27 May 2012

Final Project - Puppet - Narrator's Father

The body of the narrator's father is repurposed from the old body of Frank the tramp, as I decided to change Frank's body and didn't want to waste his old one. His legs will be reused for numerous characters when a whole body shot is needed, as most of the puppets only have half a body and no legs, and his legs are relatively generic.
His head and bowler hat are partly based on Giuseppe Morello, the founder of the Morello crime family, which is now the Genovese crime family, and I decided to give him a sort of 'irish cowboy' look. For some reason I originally made his mustache look like it was coming out of his nose, I don't know why I did this (it wasn't an accident, I did it on purpose, apparently I had a reason to, I just can't remember what it was), but I have recently corrected it.

It looks like really long nose hair... Why. Did. I. Do. This?...
This is Giuseppe Morello by the way...
His torso is slightly elongated because he will be resting his arm on the narrator's mother's shoulder in his intro scene, and he needed to be taller than her. Also no more nose hair mustache, all is well.


  1. I love your face....

    no but seriously ive been looking through your blog again, and i cant get my head round how good everything looks mate.


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